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Do you leave appliances when you sell a house? 

When you’re selling your house, you may be wondering what items you will be expected to leave behind for your property’s new owner, commonly referred to as fixtures and fittings throughout your property sale or purchase. In short, you are not legally obliged to leave any contents behind, nor are you legally obliged to take anything with you. 
Many people purchasing a house will think that their seller will be leaving certain items behind, meaning that they won’t have to buy them themselves. However, as part of your property sale or purchase, our property solicitors in Longridge will actually want to discuss with you the items you either want to leave (if you’re selling) or the items that you would want included (if you’re buying). 
Our team would always advise you to agree any specific items with the seller, and what items you definitely do not want left behind, well in advance of the completion of your sale or purchase. 
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What are fixtures and fittings? 

Sometimes ‘fixtures and fittings’ can be a difficult area to navigate, however there are some more general rules that apply to every purchase or sale: any fitted furniture or integrated appliances will have to be left (unless specifically agreed). Although, that’s not to say that the items can’t be ‘sold’ for an additional amount as part of the transaction! To see whether this is something that you may be able to do, contact our team of conveyancing solicitors Preston directly to have a chat before starting your property sale or purchase. 
Fixtures includes items that are (you probably guessed it) fixed to the building, so they are generally part of the building itself or part of the land on which the building sits. 
These items can include, for example, a security or alarm system, central-heating boilers or radiators, the bathroom suite, and the kitchen units. 
Fittings are free-standing items which can be easily (or not so easily, in case of big items) removed from the property. Some examples of these items include beds, sofas, standalone Fridge-Freezers, non-integrated white goods, lamps, and your shoe rack. 

Legally, what do I have to leave? 

What may surprise many of our property clients is that one of the biggest, most contentious issues that our team sees after the completion day is that items which should have been left have been taken by the seller, and items that the buyer didn’t want, have been left. 
Whilst sellers legally are not obligated to leave any furniture or specific item behind, if they agree that they are going to, they have to make sure that is it! Unless otherwise agreed, the general assumption is that any fittings will be taken, and fixtures will be left in the property. 

The Fittings and Contents Form (TA10) 

A form which our team of conveyancing solicitors in Preston will ask you to complete near the start of your property sale, the TA10 will be provided to your buyer’s solicitors to outline with fixtures and fittings will become the buyers, following completion. 
Our team would ask you to complete the form yourself (although they can offer you some guidance and help, if you need it), so why not have a look at a copy, here, so you know what to expect. 

What do I include on the TA10 form? 

The form is set out in different sections, so that you can list all the items you would usually find in each room of your home. You will be asked to tick to confirm which items are freestanding, which are fitted, and whether it is included or excluded from the sale. 
The form includes all basic fittings, your kitchen and bathroom, curtains and curtain rails/blinds, your garden and light fittings. If there are any items of furniture not included with the sale, but that you are happy to sell to your buyer, you can include these on here, and state the price you would accept. 

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