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How much compensation will I receive if I am injured in a cycling accident? 

Every one of MG Legal’s clients are different, the injuries they sustain vary, as do the effects on their lives. Personal injury compensation, often called general damages, is based upon the nature and severity of the injuries sustained, and to the area of the body affected. Every cycling accident claim is different, and everybody can sustain different injuries in a cycling accident.  
Whether it's a broken bone, a hip injury, a knee injury, a back injury, or any other kind of bodily harm, you could receive significant financial compensation for your injury in a cycling accident claim.  
MG Legal’s expert cycling accident solicitors will always ensure that the best medical treatment is sought for our injured clients, and a detailed medical report will be compiled from an industry leading expert, detailing all of your injuries, and how your life has been affected as a result of the cycling accident. Compensation is broken down into two parts- General Damages, and Special Damages. See a full overview of these terms, and the differences between the two, here.  

How long does a cycling accident personal injury claim take to settle? 

Every cycling accident claim is different, and the length of time to settlement, depends upon the injuries sustained, and if the third party admits liability for cycling accident. What we ask our clients to bear in mind, is that if you have suffered a more serious injury, then more medical reports may be required, in order that your ongoing injuries are fully documented, and you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your cycling accident claim. If you are badly injured, and need money to get back on your feet, MG Legal can request an interim payment on your behalf, in settlement of your cycling accident claim, if liability has been admitted.  

What is a cycling accident claim? 

If you have been injured in any way in a cycling accident that was not your fault, then you could be entitled to make a claim for financial compensation by making a cycling accident claim, with our no win no fee solicitors. Our cycling accident solicitors regularly work with clients who have been injured whilst cycling, and help them to achieve the compensation and justice they, quite rightly, deserve. Government data shows that in 2020, 11,938 cyclists were slightly injured in cycling accidents, 4,215 were seriously injured and tragically, 141 were killed. 
Cycling accident claims can be made for a number of accidents, including: 
Cycling accidents colliding with another vehicle 
Cycling accidents caused by potholes or uneven road surfaces 
Livestock or other animals causing accidents 
Car door cycling accident claims 
Here at MG Legal, our cycling accident solicitors are experts in all types of cycling accident claims, and are the best team to help you to achieve the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Our no win no fee solicitors will go above and beyond to gather all available evidence, and to ensure that you achieve the maximum compensation in your cycling accident claim. Simply contact us online here, and speak to a cycling accident solicitor within one working hour on a free no obligation basis. 

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading road traffic accident solicitors accept all of our cycling accident claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
Our team put your first, and work with care to achieve your financial compensation. Call us today on a free, no-obligation basis at: 01772 783314 
Get in touch today to speak to a No Win No Fee Solicitor. 
First statistics released for 2021 cycling accident rates: 
In recent weeks, the Department of Transport have revealed the first statistics for the first half of 2021, from January up until June. And, when compared with pre- lockdown rates, the statistics are still showing a significant increase in the number of cyclist fatalities in both April and June. This worryingly suggests that the increase in 2020 was not simply an anomaly caused by nationwide lockdowns. 
Our cycling accident solicitors will eagerly be awaiting the next batch of statistics, and hope that this trend will not continue. We also hope that the new Highway Code regulations will help to reduce this trend, and reduce the number of cyclists being involved in serious cycling accidents on the roads. If you find yourself injured in a cycling accident, whether caused by another road user or poor road conditions, then you could be entitled to financial compensation. When you have been knocked off your bike by a car, or other vehicle, there are number of helpful steps that can be made directly after the accident to aid in your future claim for compensation. See MG Legal’s helpful guide on these, here. 
The most important step to making a cycling accident claim is finding the right cycling accident solicitors for you and your claim. MG Legal’s specialist cycling accident solicitors are experts in cycling accident claims, and have settled many thousands of them for our clients over our 30 years of work in the personal injury field. When you instruct MG Legal on your cycling accident claim, we will get started on building your claim the same working day. 

Get the maximum financial compensation in your cycling accident claim with MG Legal: 

Here at MG Legal, our cycling accident solicitors are different to that of most other firms, in that we take ZERO deductions from the special damages that we achieve on your behalf. Many solicitors will take 25% of the final compensation total of your cycling accident claim, but with MG Legal, in January and February 2022, you keep 100% of the amount achieved for lost earnings, the replacement of your damaged bike, damaged safety equipment and clothing, or extra care and medical costs. 
Our cycling accident solicitors choose to operate in this way as we see our clients as innocent victims, and believe that they are entitled to keep all of the compensation that they achieve to cover any losses they have faced due to their cycling accident. This means that when you work with MG Legal on your cycling accident claim, you will be financially better off than clients of other firms with like for like claims. 
To speak to our expert road traffic accident solicitors specialising in cyclist accident claims, simply contact us online here, and will hear back from a solicitor within the hour for a no-obligation chat regarding your potential cycling accident claim. Or, if you have any queries or questions that you would like to discuss with a solicitor in person, come and see us in our local offices in Longridge, Lancaster, or Garstang for the Preston area
The risk of cycling accidents on rural roads: 
One thing that our cycling accident solicitors know all too well are the risks and dangers of cycling on rural roads. With the rapid increase in the number of cyclists out on the roads that has occurred throughout the last 18 months, largely due to repeated lockdowns and restrictions of what people can do with their time, many 
local authorities have become aware of the lack of safe cycling routes in their towns and villages. 
Still, this was not in time to prevent the increase in cyclists being injured, and even killed, on rural roads up and down the country. In 2019, pre-pandemic, Department for Transport figures show that 60 cyclists lost their lives on country roads. In 2020, this number rose by 43% with 89 cyclists tragically losing their lives while cycling on rural roads. This was somewhat surprising to our road traffic accident solicitors, when the reduced traffic numbers throughout 2020 is considered. 
The danger of rural and unmarked roads for cyclists is no secret. This comes from the roads being extremely narrow, sharp bends and corners hiding cyclists from motorists until the last minute, and most importantly, the fact that the majority of rural roads have a default speed limit of 60mph, despite their dangerous conditions. 
On top of this, our cycling accident solicitors know that the maintenance and condition of rural roads is often lower down the list of priorities for local authorities than the maintenance of other, more major roads. Whether it’s potholes, fallen trees, or other obstacles in the roads, disrepair on rural and country roads with less space, and sharp corners, can be a huge risk. Our cycling accident solicitors believe that this is a big issue on the rural and country roads up and down the country, and would urge the local authorise for rural areas and communities to consider providing more care and infrastructure to the networks of rural roads in their areas. 
We would also urge them to re-consider the default speed limit of 60 mph on many of the most used rural roads. While rural and country roads are generally used less by motorists and cyclists, this doesn’t mean that many people don’t rely on them day in day out as the only way to get to certain destinations, or in and out of their rural community. Where this is the case, our cycling accident solicitors feel that the national speed limit should be re-considered in order to reduce the risk of cycling accidents and other road traffic accidents. 
If you have been injured in a cycling accident on a rural road, whether it was a collision with another vehicle or a cycling accident caused by poorly-maintained roads, you could be eligible to make a no win no fee cycling accident claim for financial compensation. To learn more about this, and how much your cycling accident claim might be worth, contact our no win no fee accident solicitors online here for a free, no-obligation consultation with a specialist no win no fee solicitor. 

New rights granted to cyclists under new Highway Code rules 2022: 

Along with pedestrians, cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users on UK roads. In line with this, as new Highway Code regulations have been introduced for 2022, granting vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, further rights on the roads. 
Under the new regulations implemented for January 2022, drivers must give way to cyclists who are turning into junctions, out of junctions, or switching lanes, as well as at roundabouts. This change, in particular, could lead to an increase in cycling accident claims being made against vehicle drivers for collisions occurring at junctions, involving drivers who are unaware or fail to stick to the new rules. 
However, under the new hierarchy, pedestrians will now officially be classed as more vulnerable road users than cyclists. Therefore, much like drivers, cyclists will be advised to give way to pedestrians at junctions and when crossing the road. One aspect of cyclist accidents that are not set to change is there being no legal requirement for cyclists to have insurance to ride on the roads. This means that if a cyclist is to blame for an accident, it will still be very difficult to obtain financial compensation for any injuries as the other road user. 
Dramatic increases in cyclists on UK roads: 
Data revealed by the Department of Transport recently suggested that the number of cyclists on the roads has increased by up to 96% since 2004. This is a dramatic increase, and the 2020 National Travel Attitudes Study showed that this increase doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. In 2020, largely thought to be down to the pandemic, 79% of people surveyed were using buses less and 34% said they were cycling more. 
With so many more cyclists on the road, our cycling accident solicitors are pleased to see regulations being put in place, and changes to the Highway Code that grant cyclists more safety on the roads. Our no win no fee personal injury solicitors firmly believe that preventative measured were needed to protect vulnerable road users. 
Cycling accident rates increase during lockdown: 
Further data from the Department of Transport has highlighted that increases in cycling accidents for 2020 directly related to the two periods of lockdown in the year. In April and May, a sharp increase in serious cycling accidents occurred during the first lockdown period, and a second spike was seen during November when the winter lockdown occurred. For the year as a whole, fatal cycling accidents rose by 41% compared to 2019, a worrying statistic that our cycling accident solicitors were disheartened to see. Along with these 141 fatalities throughout the year, 11,930 were injured, and a further 4,215 were seriously injured. 
Cycling accident claim case study: 
Over their 30 years of experience, our expert personal injury solicitors specialising in cycling accident claims have settled thousands of cycling accident claims for our clients, and won hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of financial compensation on their behalf. One of the most recent cycling accident claims that our expert team worked on, and settled for our client, was for a client who was hit by a car and knocked off of her bike. 
Our client, Mrs B, was riding her bike on the road, when the vehicle cut in front of her to turn left at a junction, without properly looking in their mirrors for cyclists. Mrs B was knocked off her bike, which was subsequently run over by the vehicle driver. She suffered from a number of cuts and muscle stretches across her body, for which she attended her local A&E department as well as her local GP surgery. On top of these injuries, Mrs B’s road bike was damaged beyond repair, and her clothing and attire were also damaged. From the second that Mrs B got in contact with MG Legal’s expert cycling accident solicitors, who accepted her case on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, her designated solicitor specialising in road traffic accidents got to work on building her claim. They acted quickly to establish negligence on behalf of the car driver, in the form of them failing to apply the breaks of their vehicle, driving into the path of the claimant’s bike, and failing to looking properly. 
After getting in touch with the insurance provider of the driver, and informing them of our ability to act on behalf of Mrs B to retrieve the financial compensation that she deserved, our client’s designated cycling accident solicitors got to work on establishing the amount of compensation that she should receive, in both general and special damages. After doing so, they worked out the claim for her personal injuries to be worth £5000, her bike replacement at £2000, and her clothing replacement at £200. They built the case to be so strong that the third party insurance provider accepted liability, and paid out to our client, allowing us to settle the claim and prevent it from needing to go to court. 
Because our cycling accident experts are so successful at building strong claims, they have a success rate of over 99%. This meant that Mrs B received the financial compensation that she deserved, and was able to do so without having to take days out of her life to attend court proceedings. Her designated cycling accident solicitor handled everything for her, including all of the paperwork and correspondence, keeping the process completely stress-free for our client. 

How long do I have to make a cycling accident compensation claim? 

The Limitation Act 1980 states that, in most cases at least, an injured party has 3 years to make a claim for personal injury compensation. Minors, meaning children under the age of 18, have 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday. Time limits also may differ if you are acting on behalf of someone with limited mental capacity, if you are acting as guardian or subject a lasting power of attorney.  

Cyclist hit by a car compensation claim 

If you are a cyclist who sustained injury because of the negligent driving of another road user, including a cyclist hit by a car, or knocked off bike by a car, you are entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation. 
MG Legal’s specialist cycling accident personal injury solicitors are experts on cyclist injury cases, and have helped hundreds of injured cyclists just like you recover their losses and receive the personal injury compensation they deserve in a NO WIN NO FEE cyclist hit by a car accident claim. 
Have you been a cyclist hit by a car? Or knocked off your bike by a car? Once you have left the scene, you have only to get in touch with MG Legal at any of our offices. We will quickly assess your case with you in a short, friendly telephone call and one of our specialist cycling personal injury solicitors will assess the merits of the case and explain the basics of the claims process to you. If you are happy to proceed, you will be sent our bespoke Claim Form and our Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) to complete, which will let us get the ball rolling on your claim.  
We believe that our success rate, which is over 99% of all accepted claims ending with a positive outcome for our clients, speaks for itself. To discuss your cycling injury claim case, get in touch with MG Legal today and we will be happy to help you achieve the justice you deserve as a cylist hit by a car in your cycling injury claim

Cyclist accident claim for accident on a canal towpath: 

Canal towpaths are managed by the Canal & River Trust, who operate in a similar way to the local Council when maintaining the various roadways and paths under their remit. If you are cycling and suffer an injury due to a defect or obstacle on a canal towpath, and the accident isn't your fault, it is likely that the Canal & River Trust could be liable for the injury you have sustained. To find out more, contact MG Legal’s team of expert cycling accident personal injury solicitors to discuss how we can help you make a claim for your injuries and any associated losses, on a no win no fee basis
The Canal & River Trust operates across the network with a similar set of responsibilities to, say, the local Council or private landowner. All of these parties have a duty to ensure their various areas of responsibility are reasonably safe for the public to use. A major difference for the Canal & River Trust is that towpaths are often over 200 years old, cannot be paved or tarmacked and have to accommodate a variety of users including canalboat users, people fishing, walkers, joggers and cyclists. 
Any system of inspection that is put in place must identify any potential hazards, and if they are indeed do find a hazard, put steps in place to warn users of any significant danger, or to simply repair or refurbish any lesser hazards in a timely manner. 
To assist in proving the existence of any defect or hazard, it is most useful if you can take images or video of the area in question. Should you have any suitable items on your person, such as a 50 pence piece, these can be used to roughly estimate the height of any defect. If you are able to return to the site later, more precise measurements can be taken using a spirit level, or a long piece of wood or similar material across the width of the defect and then using a ruler or tape measure to detail the exact depth of the defect. Should your injuries prevent you doing so, as it is possible that repairs could be effected, it is worth seeking to instruct a solicitor as quickly as possible so that a decision can be made about whether to instruct formal investigation agents to carry out a full inspection and report on the area. 
What is a defective equipment cycling accident claim? 
If you are a cyclist who has been injured due to defective protective equipment, or more seriously injured than you would have been if your equipment had not failed, you are entitled to seek compensation for the injuries. These types of cycling injury claims can be broken down into two categories: 
1. Items you have purchased from a retailer and which fail within an unreasonable amount of time. Everything, over time, succumbs to wear and tear and so, of course, nothing is meant to last forever. However, if you purchase, say, a cycle helmet and it fails to protect you in a crash as it should you, you are likely able to make a claim against the retailer under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 on the grounds that you purchased the item in good faith and it was faulty. This applies to all aspects of your bike and related gear, so if the brakes on your brand new mountain bike fail, or if the bolts fixing your bike together are loose and fall apart, injuring you, this is strong grounds for a claim for personal injury compensation. 
2. Sub-Standard cycle repairs. Some repairs that are carried out to our bikes turn out to be sub-standard. Again, your rights are detailed in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and so, if you take your bike to a reputable repairer or cycle centre for repair work, a ‘service’ or any other work and it leaves their care with a serious fault which causes you to crash, such as misaligning the brakes or not tightening the wheel onto the forks, you can pursue your claim for personal injury compensation, against the repairer. 
As ever, each cycling accident is different and so, if you believe you have been injured because of defective cycling equipment, please get in touch with MG Legal’s specialist cycling accident personal injury solicitors to discuss how we can help you pursue a claim for personal injury, and repair or replacemebt cycle cost, on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to you.  

Cyclist accident claim for defective equipment: 

The team at MG Legal are pleased that cycling is more popular than ever, with more and more of us, including a few of our personal injury team, taking to our bikes, and getting out there to see the sites. The down side is that the roads in the UK are becomming more crowded on a yearly basis, and as a result, cyclists are more at risk of being injured on our roads, than at any time in history.  
Traffic accidents involving cyclists occur on a daily basis, with more than a third of cyclists reporting some form of personal injury whilst on a public road, or canal path. Because of this, cyclists can now buy a range of safety equipment to help protect them in the event that they are involved in a road traffic accident, or even if they simply suffer a fall due to slippery, muddy or rough terrain. 

Can I make a cycling accident claim if I was not wearing a helmet? 

While motorcyclists have a legal requirement to wear a helmet when riding on public roads, the same is not the case for cyclists. It is not illegal for those riding a bicycle to do so without wearing a helmet or any protective equipment. Under the Highway Code, there is guidance given to cyclists, stating that they ‘should wear a cycle helmet which conforms to current regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened’, and new updates to the Highway Code in 2022 has also added further evidence suggesting that a correctly fitted helmet will reduce your risk of sustaining a head injury in certain circumstances. 
While the guidance given above gives cyclists the right to make their own choice as to whether or not they wish to wear a helmet, making the decision not to do so can impact cycling accident claims in some instances. This is the case where the court can see that the injured claimant chose not to wear a helmet, and their decision to do so would have been likely to prevent or reduce head injuries sustained. 
If you have been injured in a cycling accident claim, and it can be proved that you suffered worse injuries than would otherwise have been the case, due to your decision not to wear a helmet, the courts can reduce a claim for personal injury compensation to reflect the amount that not wearing a helmet, contributed to the injuries sustained. As with any claim for personal injury compensation, each cycling accident claim is assessed on an individual basis, and so there is no clear-cut way to say how much a claimant’s compensation amount might be affected by their decision to not wear a helmet. 
Some previous cases in which cycling accident claim values have been reduced due to the claimant’s decision to not wear a helmet, include: 
Capps v Miller [1989] 2 All ER 333- this case saw a cyclist injured in a traffic accident’s compensation amount reduced by 10% by the Court of Appeal, due to the fact that their helmet was not properly fastened and therefore did not protect them properly from personal injury. 
Smith v Finch [2009] EWHC 53 (QB) – In this cycling accident claim, the claimant suffered from a serious brain injury after a cycling accident in which he was not wearing a helmet. The defendant in the claim argued that a deduction of 15% should be made to the compensation amount due to the injured cyclist’s decision not to wear a helmet. However, in this case, the court assessed that the injuries sustained by the claimant would not have been lessened by a helmet due to the nature of them. While the judge in this case recognised that the failure to wear a helmet was questionable, it did not impact the personal injury claim value. These cases illustrated by our cycling accident solicitors show that all claims are different, and it can be difficult to say how one decision or factor can impact a cycling accident claim, and the associated compensation amount. 
If you have been injured in a cycling accident claim while not wearing a helmet, and are wondering ‘can I still make a claim?’, then our cycling accident solicitors are here to help. While we would always advice that it is sensible to wear a helmet, it is not mandatory, and you could still be entitled to significant compensation in your cycling accident claim. Get in touch online here and speak to a no win no fee solicitor on a free, no obligation basis within one working hour. 

Who pays my legal fees if I am injured in a cycling accident? 

If you have suffered a personal injury from a cycling accident, as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you should not have to pay up front legal costs to get access to justice. MG Legal are proud to say that our expert cycling accident solicitors accept all personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to our clients. 
Why choose MG Legal: 

No Win No Fee Guarantee. 

We are the experts. 

Free, no obligation advice. 

Success rate of over 99%. 

Why should I choose MG Legal for my cycling accident accident claim? 
The solicitors at MG Legal come with an excellent reputation. See a collection of reviews from our clients, here. From the first time you contact us, you will be allocated one of our expert personal injury solicitors to your case, and you will only ever deal with, and speak to, that same solicitor, until your claim for personal injury compensation is settled. MG Legal’s personal injury team are all fully-qualified solicitors, and have over thirty years of experience. We do not employ people who are not qualified, and who are not passionate about successfully settling our clients’ personal injury compensation claims. 

How much is my cycling accident claim worth? 

When you are making a personal injury cycling accident claim, you are more than likely interested in how much your claim may be worth. The claim will be broken up into a number of different damages, many of which are calculated on an individual basis.  
In terms of the injuries alone, known as general damages, our personal injury solicitors have put together the below table outlining how much different cycling accident claims are worth, with reference to the Judicial College guidelines. 
Description of injury 
Maximum compensation available 
Very severe brain damage caused by a cycling accident 
Moderate brain damage after a cycling accident 
Less severe brain damage because of a cycling accident 
Severe shoulder injuries after a cycling accident 
Moderate shoulder injuries caused by a cycling accident 
Severe arm injuries after a cycling accident 
Less severe arm injuries due to a cycling accident 
Less severe leg injuries after a cycling accident 
How to avoid a cycling accident claim: 
With cycling becoming much more popular in recent years, our cycling accident solicitors know that something needs to be done to protect the safety of cyclists on our roads. Cycling UK agree with our team of no win no fee solicitors, and have outlined their top tips for keeping safe as a cyclist on the roads, and how to cycle safely alongside traffic. 
These include- 
Good road positioning- Make sure your road position is not too close to the kerb- this is essential to avoid potholes and remain in a clear view for car drivers 
Road awareness- look up ahead for hazards or road surface problems 
Anticipate hazards- such as pedestrians not looking, and dogs off their leads 
Signal in good time- make your intentions clear to other road users at all times 
Making eye contact with drivers to ensure you have been seen 
Keeping an eye out for stray car doors opening 
While it is important as cyclists to take the necessary steps to ensure that they remain safe on the roads, it is no secret that a large proportion of cycling accidents and cycling accident claims are caused by other road users and drivers. Our cycling accident solicitors know how difficult it can be for cyclists on the roads, and the amount of potential hazards that cyclists can come into contact with. 
Unfortunately, cycling accidents do happen on a more than regular basis, and when they do, they can be extremely scary and dangerous for cyclists involved, and they can often be left with serious injuries. The sad fact is, injuries to cyclists, and other vulnerable road users, are more often than not, easily avoidable, if other road users, such as cars, vans and lorries would keep their distance. 
It does appear however, that as a result of the number of cyclists that suffer personal injury on our roads, or even death, that the Government has listened. If you have been injured in a cycling accident, then MG Legal’s cycling accident solicitors are here to help you claim no win no fee financial compensation in a cycling accident claim. 
To learn more about how our no win no fee solicitors can help you, simply get in touch with our personal injury solicitors online here, for a free no obligation consultation with a specialist solicitor about your potential cycling accident claim.  
No Win No Fee Cycling Accident Claims Across England and Wales: 
No matter where you are injured across England and Wales, MG Legal's Personal Injury Solicitors are here to help you to achieve the financial compensation that you deserve. 
For a free, no-obligation consultation with a cycling accident solicitor, contact us online here. Or give us a call on 01772 783314 
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