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Civil partnerships protect you and your partner financially without the traditional aspects of marriage. 
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What is a Civil Partnership? 

A civil partnership is where a couple enter into a legal relationship which, when registered, will give similar rights, responsibilities and protection as married couples. 

Who can enter into a Civil Partnership? 

Introduced by the Civil Partnership Act 2004, civil partnerships first came into existence in England in 2005 but at that time were only available for same-sex couples and were seen as their equivalent of marriage. Since that time same-sex couples are now permitted to marry in England and, following the decision of the Supreme Court in 2018, when Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan successfully argued that they should be given the right to enter into a civil partnership rather than a marriage, civil partnerships are now available to all couples – (Civil Partnership (Opposite Sex Couples) Regulations 2019). The first ceremonies for opposite sex couples took place on 31st December 2019 including that of Ms Steinfeld and Mr Keidan. 

Civil Partnership Facts 

1. Same sex civil partners can convert their partnership into a marriage. The date on the marriage certificate will be the date that the civil partnership was formed. This can take place at a register office, local registration office, or a religious or approved premises where same-sex marriages are allowed. A ceremony can follow the marriage. 
2. Opposite sex civil partners cannot convert their partnership into a marriage in England and Wales 
3. Any Will that you have in place in England and Wales will become void automatically if a civil partnership is entered into, unless you have made a Will ‘in contemplation’ of your civil partnership. The civil partnership will need to be a definite future event, not just something that might happen, and your partner will need to be named specifically 
4. Any Will that is made during a same-sex civil partnership will not become void should the partnership then be converted to marriage 
5. If a civil partnership is dissolved any clauses that name your former partner as an executor, trustee or beneficiary will not apply and your former civil partner will be classed as having died on the date that your partnership was dissolved. Therefore should you wish to still include your former partner in your Will you will need to make a new Will after the dissolution 
6. If one of the civil partners dies during the partnership without making a Will, the other partner will be classed as the next of kin and will inherit some or the whole of the estate under the rules of intestacy. 

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