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MG Legal’s Family Team understand how difficult and distressing it can be when you are facing a disruption to your family life, and the uncertainty that comes with it.  
With over 20 years’ experience dealing with childen matters, you can rest assured that you won’t get better legal assistance. When you instruct our solicitors for child contact issues, we are on hand to provide you with the expert advice you need. 
MG Legal's expert family lawyers offer a bespoke service to each and every one of our clients, and our advice will be tailored to your situation. If you want to spend more time with your children, or you would like to have a more structured plan for child arangements, give our team of friendly children law experts a call, today. 

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Why choose MG Legal as my child custody solicitors? 

Well, there is not much that our expert family lawyers haven't seen or done when it comes to children issues. We know that the advice given could affect the rest of your life: so we sit and listen, advise as to the options and then do more than any other legal team to get the best result in your individual case. Our expert Family Law solicitors specialise in divorce and children issues and their success rates are second to none - read our reviews. 
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The Different Types Of Order, And How To Apply 

Forms and Law, two of the most mind boggling, confusing and stressful things a person can do – the legal terminology involved, the different names for each forms, the time it takes, the emotions that you go through while completing forms, just thinking about it is enough to bring on a headache --- lucky for you, our Family Team are more than happy and capable of taking this off your hands and dealing with matters on your behalf, however should you wish to know more then we have put together a short list of the applications and what they cover to keep you in the know.. click the links below to learn more. 
Child Arrangements Order (ie where a child is to live and with whom a child spends time) 
Specific Issue Order 

How do you co-parent? 

Our team would stress that if parents can reach an amicable solution to any children issues between themselves, then they should try to do so, as this is generally the best way forward. In some cases, just talking to the other parent may help you to understand their point of view and enable you to agree the best thing for your children and to ensure their happiness. 
When dealing with children issues, the Court’s primary focus is what’s best for the children involved. Provided that there are no safeguarding or welfare issues in respect of the children, the Court's aim is that the right of the child to have a relationship with both parents is met. 
A relatively common comment made by our clients, or their ex-partners, is that their children are refusing to have contact with the other parent. Generally, if your child is younger, it’s important that you try and work out if they have a real issue with their parent, or whether they’re just being children. 
You should then try and deal with any ‘issues’ with the other parent, to ensure that both of you are working together to make sure your child or children feel safe and happy in both parent's care. Whilst your child’s feelings are important, contact should always be encouraged (unless, of course, it’s specifically ordered by the Court that contact should not take place). It is important for a child to know that they can go and have an enjoyable time with each parent without the other making it clear that they are not happy about it, and that they can come back to the other parent and be allowed to chat about what they have been up to. Although it may be difficult, parents should put their personal feelings towards one another aside when it comes to the arrangements for children. After all, it is not your child's fault that the relationship ended. 

How can you help your children deal with divorce or separation? 

It’s important to make sure that your children know that they are loved by both parents. Depending on your children’s ages, make sure that you’re as honest as possible with them - there is no need to go into detail about the separation, but try and make them understand what’s happening. 
Importantly, and as indicated above, even if you don’t like your former partner or spouse, don’t let your opinion cloud that of your child’s. Don’t share any negative feelings that you have about each other with your children. 
Lastly, listen to your children, and encourage them to talk about their feelings with you. You can explain to them that they are allowed to be sad, or confused, or even angry. 
Whilst our team can’t break the news to your children for you, we can help you with the process of setting your child arrangements in stone, by way of a Court Order. 
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No matter where you are located across England and Wales, MG Legal's expert Family Law solicitors are here to help you to achieve the best possible outcome in your family law matter. 
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