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When does bowel cancer treatment become a medical negligence claim? 

If you visit a GP showing symptoms of bowel cancer, and the disease is diagnosed and treated early, then you have a strong chance of recovering fully. Still, if delays in diagnosis occur, and delays in treatment, then the chance of you making a full recovery are reduced. 
If you feel unhappy with your bowel cancer diagnosis and treatment, or have faced delays at any point in the process, leading to the spreading or growth of your bowel cancer, you could be entitled to claim for financial compensation through a bowel cancer misdiagnosis claim. 
Get in touch with our specialist cancer misdiagnosis claims medical negligence solicitors, here, for a no-obligation discussion of your potential claim. 

What are the most common causes of delays in bowel cancer diagnosis, and bowel cancer misdiagnosis? 

When the most common symptoms of bowel cancer are shown to a GP or medical practitioner, it is usually negligence on behalf of the medical practitioner that results in a missed diagnosis or delayed diagnosis of the bowel cancer.  
These acts of medical negligence that lead to bowel cancer misdiagnosis claims, include: 
Failure to recognise symptoms associated with bowel cancer 
Failure from a GP to refer a patient displaying symptoms to a specialist 
Delays in referrals leading to delayed diagnosis or delayed treatment 
Mistakes in reading and interpreting scans leading to missed diagnosis 
Incorrect treatment due to cancer being misdiagnosed as another medical issue 

Do I have a claim for bowel cancer misdiagnosis? 

The 3 main symptoms of bowel cancer are: 
Blood in your poo – that continues for a period of time, and is consistent.  
Change in your bowel habit – such as needing to visit the toilet more than usual. 
Abdominal (tummy) pain, bloating or discomfort  
Most people with bowel cancer can be diagnosed by flexible sigmoidoscopy. However, some cancers can only be diagnosed by a more extensive examination of the colon. The two tests used for this are colonoscopy and computerised tomography (CT) colonography. 
When you first see your GP, complaining of persistent blood in your poo, a drastic change in your toilet habits, the procedure they should carry out is as follows: 
Your GP should ask questions about your symptoms, and whether you have a family history of bowel cancer. They should also ask questions about your lifestyle, your alcohol intake, if you smoke, and ask for details of your regular eating habits and diet; 
Your GP should carry out a physical examination. They'll usually carry out a simple examination of your bottom, known as a digital rectal examination (DRE), and examine your abdomen; 
To ensure that you have peace of mind, and that you are not suffering from the early stages of bowel cancer, your GP should, at this stage, also check your blood to see if you have iron deficiency anaemia; 
If you feel your bowel cancer diagnosis was below standard, or delayed in any way, and have any questions or queries about making a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim, then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly medical negligence specialists, for a no obligation chat, at no cost to you. 

Make a NO WIN NO FEE bowel cancer misdiagnosis claim with MG Legal's medical negligence solicitors: 

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer negligence at the hands of a medical practitioner, in the from of a missed or delayed bowel cancer diagnosis, then do not hesitate to contact MG Legal’s friendly team of expert medical negligence solicitors.  
We work with clients just like you on a daily basis, and when you contact our offices, you will speak directly to a solicitor who can advise you how we can help you, on a no win no fee basis, right away.  
Our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors have a success rate over over 99%, and work with top medical experts to build full medical reports to strengthen our clients’ claims. 
When you work with MG Legal for your cancer misdiagnosis claim, you can rest assured that your designated specialist solicitor will go above and beyond to ensure that your claims is as strong and robust as possible, and that you have the best chance in obtaining the maximum financial compensation. 
Simply get in touch online, here, or by email at and hear back from a bowel cancer misdiagnosis claims solicitors the same working day. 

Have you suffered medical negligence in the last three years? 

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