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Family & Divorce Solicitors

Here at MG Legal our family lawyers understand how difficult and distressing it can be when there is any disruption to your family life, and the uncertainty that comes with it. There are emotional and financial concerns that appear to turn your world upside down, and nobody likes their financial future to be uncertain, let alone when going through divorce proceedings, or a family breakdown.

MG Legal offer a bespoke service to each and every one of our clients, and our advice will be unique to your situation. Our experienced team, headed by our specialist family and divorce lawyer, Ms Williams, will deal with your problems in a stress-free environment, and speak with you in non-legal jargon that you will understand. The advice given could affect the rest of your life: make sure you come and see us at MG Legal Solicitors.

Moving forward together
You are not alone. We are here to help you to move forward. Our experienced team help hundreds of people each year to deal with the formalities of separation and divorce/dissolution, including financial matters, children cases and many other issues which may arise following the breakdown of your family.

Your Children come first
When a family unit breaks down, we know that you need to focus on what’s right for your children. Our team at MG Legal are able to advise and assist with attempting to find a bespoke solution specific to you and your children, and of course, represent you at any court hearing. With members of our team being parents themselves, at MG Legal Solutions we understand the changing needs of your family.

Mediation has been found to help many couples work things out. However it is not a form of relationship counselling, or a way of getting couples back together. It offers a helping hand to couples who have decided to separate to come to an agreement on how to resolve their differences.

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