Dispute Resolution -

Dispute Resolution

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Are you in the middle of a financial dispute?
In the midst of an ongoing feud with a neighbour?
Wanting to evict your tenant?
Do you need help in chasing a debt?
Are you in the middle of a dispute about your land or property?
Feel like no one is fighting your corner?
…. Relax.

We all encounter similar conflicts in daily life such as problems with the neighbours, money lending and general
disputes causing unnecessary stress in our lives, which can escalate until you feel like you have completely lost control of the situation.

Nip it in the bud with action from our experienced solicitors here at MG Legal Solutions.

We know that feeling as though you have lost control of the situation can make it feel ten times worse than it already is but here at MG Legal Solutions, we are here to take the strain off you and reduce stress-levels. As well as starting the process to resolution there are other ways in which disputes can be resolved.

Mediation has been found to help many people locked in dispute to work things out and come to a negotiated settlement.

There are many benefits to mediation including it being cost effective, confidential and allowing each party to have better control over the situation and achieve better results.

Collaborative law
Collaborative Law allows each party to talk through the issues which need to be resolved with each party having a specially trained lawyer by their side at each meeting.


Arbitration is a technique for dispute resolution which aims to resolve situations outside the courts and allows third parties to review the situation and enforce a legally binding decision for both sides. It is said to be a lot faster than litigation in court, with it being cost effective and allowing flexibility.

Rest assured that MG Legal Solutions have an extremely experienced team and are on hand to help solve any disputes which may be causing you hassle.

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